Favourite Things

Things that make me tick …

I LOVE the colours turquoise, aqua and mint and combining these with purple is a mix made in heaven!

Dragonflies, butterflies and dolphins!

Watching how animals interact, birds fighting over a branch; cleaning each other; dancing in the water; singing their hearts out!

Capturing EMOTION. My favourite thing to capture – the expression between parents, children and parents, pure glee and happiness, love, pondering – these are the things memories are made of!

A picture can capture a thousand words and feelings.

Family, quality time just hanging together.

Conversation – not chit chat – I don’t do polite chit chat at all (: – but real conversation about something that interests me (lol sorry hubby not so much about the ring tank)

Hanging around a fire – just chilling and watching the fire dance – listening to the gentle crackle

Swirls – have always loved swirls – in jewellery and pictures – any swirl based pattern is a winner!

Walking along the beach, feeling the sand between my toes, the water lapping the edges.

SUNSETS!! One of my most favourite things – sooo many different colours and shapes – stunningly different and amazing! One of the best things about living on Macander – I am sure I would like sunrise too however I am not a morning person so don’t see so many of those (:

Sitting on the cotton mountain, sipping on wine and chilling with family (:

Laughing, creating, getting messy, paint, randomness, life, love. And UNICORNS & GLITTER!! Sooo much love for these (: